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You have found! That’s great. Maybe you are a website/blog owner or maybe a freelance writer. We truly have something to offer for the both of you.

We all know that putting out fresh content on a daily/weekly basis is key to more visibility, higher rankings and better SERP’s – but due to Google’s recent algorithm update, putting out fresh and unique content just isn’t good enough anymore. Quality content is the new key.

If you want to know more about the Panda/Farmer update and if your website has been affected by it, check out 4 New SEO Mistakes Many Websites Make due to the recent changes.

Mission Statement: is designed to bridge the gap between high quality publisher sites and quality writers and bloggers. Our pre-screened bloggers and professional writers produce high quality content that will provide a tremendous value add to publisher sites through content publishing.

For Publishers: Our goal is to provide your website with high quality professionally written content that is non-promotional, controversial nor opinionated. Embedded anchor text provides value to websites to a certain point, but as soon as that embedded link tries to fool your readers, it automatically becomes a ‘sponsored post’ in their eyes. That is NOT what we are about. We want to provide you with quality content related to your website and can provide true value to your site readers.

Our stand alone content rating scale separates quality, from high quality. We have contracted over 75 premium writers and bloggers proficient in virtually every industry. Our goal is to utilize their expertise and deliver publishers with highly related quality content that will provide value to their current website readership.

For Writers: Let’s put your name out there! Give your name more credit by writing intriguing content for our publishers with a creative and researched background. We aren’t just looking for freelance writers, we are looking for industry specific writers. Just because you own a car, doesn’t mean you can write an article about how to change the starter.

We have a stand-alone content rating system which provides specific direction to how an article should flow and be written.

  • Headline – every good article should have an intriguing headline, let’s face it – it is what draws people to read the post!
  • Substance – all quality content must have gotten the information from somewhere, people don’t just dream this stuff up. White papers, case studies and factually correct information should be included in every article to back up what you are writing.
  • Structure – every article/blog post ever published has a structure weather it is a top 10 list or a how to; there is a certain flow to the article that makes it unique from every other post. A good structure would be to vary each articles layout and format to appeal to the target audience.
  • Writer Style – every writer has a style. Some are researchers, some creative writers and then of course the technical writers. Every piece of content written should be completely unique and have a well-developed flow to it.

For example, rather than telling you that I want an article written about ’10 of the Tallest Skyscrapers in the World’ – you would have a much better scope to write. Every assignment has a detailed intake form for you provided by the website owner to reference to ensure you are writing on the right path.

Social Promotion: In addition to providing free, high quality content on your site, we also perform a social boost through providing Facebook likes, Re-tweets, Diggs and more to the post URL. We provide each one of our guest posts a minimum of 50 social votes (a $100+ value) which will help bring more visitors to your site via these social channels, as well as provide social signals to the search engines. These votes not only give your website more visitors, but more authority as well.

Search engines look for certain social signals in which they attribute any given amount of credit to multiple Facebook shares and re-tweets. The more people know of your site, the better. Becoming an authority within your industry in Google’s eyes, may be difficult for you to do however by providing an extra social boost on top of your great content, it will help you gain the edge over your competitors.

Here is an example of a post that has been done in the past and how many unique visits the post received, a decent comment thread, over 200 Facebook shares as well as it ranked within the top 100 posts on

Now is the time: So by now, I’m sure you are wondering ‘How do I start guest blogging?’ That’s the easy part, let us do it for you! We know how busy the office can get, a lot of times; writing just cannot be first priority within business walls. Take the hassle out of it, go home to your kids and enjoy the evening while we strive to find the highest quality publishers to host your content.

Contact: Contact us today and see how we can help your website gain more traffic, visibility and unique visitors. You can also get in contact and follow us through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. If you just aren’t a socially savvy person, e-mail us with ‘I NEED GUEST POSTING’ in the subject line to

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